Book Reviews for Broken Restoration

I have been looking forward to getting my hands on this story.

Broken Restoration is brilliantly told from multiple character viewpoints as they each struggle with their own personal issues. Can they overcome their challenges to unite in a quest to destroy the Temple?
Will the Light prevail and overcome the far-reaching tentacles of the Dark Lord?

Great story, bring on Book 4, Humble Insurrection.

Alison J
Brilliantly Told

I thought this book was amazing. The storyline is action packed and holds valuable lessons for teens and adults alike. 5/5

Bethany McKenna

A wonderful reminder that when I am unable see the plan or wonder if there even is a plan, that is the very best moment to trust the process and stay the course because there is a plan more fantastic and wonderful than I could ever imagine.

Lee Cawthray
Stay the Course

“Broken Restoration beautifully highlights God’s redemptive love for us, and the fact that we all belong in His family, no matter our past mistakes. I thoroughly enjoyed devouring the third instalment of the Armour of Light series and can’t wait for book four! Thank you for outworking God’s call on your life!

Ella Green
Thoroughly Enjoyed