Feedback from people who have read my books

This book is a wonderful reminder of the covert nature of our enemies’ attack. And the need to be ever vigilant and spiritually awake. It reminds us that the slide from “living in the Light” to “playing in the darkness” can happen so subtly that we can suddenly find ourselves on the wrong side of the line when a battle breaks out.

L. Cawthray
Wonderful Reminder

Warriors of the Light battle evil forces in the beautiful but hollow city of Laodicea. A realistic and gritty sequel to Dangerous Salvation, with the same vivid characterisation and mind-bogglingly high stakes.

J. Del Mastro
A Gritty Sequel

‘Dangerous Salvation is a deeply moving book about the fine line between the physical and spiritual worlds. The characters are engaging and relatable, and there’s never a dull moment! Can’t wait until the next book!’

Jess McKenna
Engaging and Relatable

I have served overseas in a war zone for the Australian Defence Force, and for me, this book gives a pretty good comparison of my time there; not that much actual bloodshed, your emotions are heightened, fears are deeper, joys are higher, and you really … really, need your mates around you.

A Soldier’s Persepective

Beautifully written, Dangerous Salvation takes the reader on a journey between what is happening in the natural and the spiritual. It is challenging, insightful and a delight to read!

Ella Green

Beautifully Written

Deeply moving and challenging! I laughed, cried, celebrated, and was inspired. Most importantly I was reminded of the importance of wearing my “full armour” EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ephesians 6:10-17

Lee Cawthray

Deeply Moving