Reviews of the book, Blinding Revelation

As an avid reader I am pleased to say Donita Bundy has joined an illustrious list of contemporary Christian writers on my ‘must be read’ list. YA Urban Fantasy is not a genre I normally read but I’m so glad I started reading these books and am already champing at the bit to read the next installment. Blinding Revelation is the much anticipated sequel to Dangerous Salvation, book two in the Armour of Light series.

Arriving in Laodicea, the group are begrudgingly welcomed by The Overseer and supplied with a beautiful place to live, food, new clothing and new roles. Despite their unease – where are the demons? – they adjust to their new environment, but of course nothing is what is seems. When stuff starts to go down, will they be able to fight back or have they been lulled into complacency?

I like Donita’s vivid descriptions of the facade that is Laodicea and what lies hidden away.

The story unfolds brilliantly from multiple character viewpoints, including some new ones and I look forward to following their individual journeys in the stories to follow.

The insightful parallels between Laodicea and the western world in general for Christians, are both compelling and thought provoking.

Highly recommended

Alison J
A Must Read

This book is a wonderful reminder of the covert nature of our enemies’ attack. And the need to be ever vigilant and spiritually awake. It reminds us that the slide from “living in the Light” to “playing in the darkness” can happen so subtly that we can suddenly find ourselves on the wrong side of the line when a battle breaks out.

L. Cawthray
Wonderful Reminder

Warriors of the Light battle evil forces in the beautiful but hollow city of Laodicea. A realistic and gritty sequel to Dangerous Salvation, with the same vivid characterisation and mind-bogglingly high stakes.

J. Del Mastro
A Gritty Sequel